BOSTON | JULY 9-23, 2017

          DES MOINES | JULY 28-AUGUST 6, 2017



EXL is an two week summer extemporaneous speaking program designed to prepare extempers to take the next step in competition. Designed along the same lines as the nationally recognized NDF LD program and the Interpretive Productions program in Interp, EXL encourages new ideas and approaches in a small, intense setting.

EXL teaches you how to form your own opinions about today’s news — and tomorrow’s. EXL builds your own analytic toolbox. Our curriculum is based on principles: we teach economics, international relations, political theory, current trends in opinion tracking, comparative study of governments, and political philosophy. We then show you how to use this material to understand the world. You’ll learn how to make new ideas based on old ones, and to introduce them with clarity and precision into your speaking. We don’t teach you how to read articles in Foreign Affairs and the Economist. We teach how to write them. EXL makes you, not your files, your most important analytic tool. Most extempers spend half their prep time figuring out their answer to the question; our extempers know how to answer their question before they even choose it from the draw table.

Work With Us All Year

Summit Debate has provided quality instruction to high school students since 1995. Our summer programs have helped students to achieve their goals year after year. We have now expanded our services to better help our clients. Summit Debate is now offering a variety of online services to assist competitors and coaches alike. You now have the opportunity to bring some of our best coaches right into your classroom or home. The same Summit Debate staff that work at NDF, InterProd, and all of the rest of our programs are now available to help you throughout the year. In other words, your Summit Debate experience doesn’t have to begin or end with our summer programs! Click below to visit