EXL is an two week summer extemporaneous speaking program designed to prepare extempers to take the next step in competition. Designed along the same lines as the nationally recognized NDF LD program and the Interpretive Productions program in Interp, EXL encourages new ideas and approaches in a small, intense setting.


The #ReachForTheSummit Experience



Our curriculum teaches students the basic principles of economics, political science, and international development.  Students learn to identify patterns of cause and effect in the US electoral cycle, international territorial disputes, civil wars, and economic downturns.  By learning to recognize the patterns, students will be prepared to analyze every topic from the 2018 midterm elections to sustainable economic development in Sub Saharan Africa.



Students will learn to properly allocate their prep time and speaking time to deliver effective speeches. In week two, students will learn organizational structures for a variety of question types, including making comparisons and analyzing cause and effect.  Advanced students will learn organizational structures for challenging questions that appear in final rounds of national tournaments, such as triadic and hypothetical questions.



Through customized drills, students will practice every aspect of effective delivery.  We will learn how to use emotion to remind judges of the human impact of political issues, how to maintain fluency in the face of distraction, and how to gesture effectively to emphasize key points.   Students will leave camp with the range of speaking skills judges expect at elite tournaments.